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"The outcomes of all my procedures have always looked very natural."
- San Francisco, CA
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    Medical Conditions



    cosmetic injectables not just for wrinkles

    BOTOX® and Dysport™ are products containing botulinum toxin, a purified protein and neurotoxin. It has been used therapeutically for more than 20 years to treat a variety of medical conditions. It was originally used to treat eye conditions (such as blepharospasm), facial ticks, neurological voice problems and various muscular problems in the body. 

    The botulinum toxin is used in such small amounts that generalized systemic side effects are avoided.

    end your excessive sweatingFreedom, confidence, no hiding sweat stains

    Dr. Macdonald uses these neurotoxins to treat the following medical applications—often covered by your insurance:

    • Excessive Sweating (hyperhydrosis)—underarms, palms of hands, feet, and hairline/scalp  
    • Migraine or Chronic Tension Headaches
    • TMJ Syndrome

    Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

    What causes excessive sweating?

    This embarrassing condition can severely damage your self-esteem. It often makes you feel insecure, self-conscious and anxious in many social or work-related situations.

    This ailment, known as hyperhidrosis, is a very common medical condition, occurring in up to 1% of the population. The sweat glands simply run on overdrive.


    botox logo when topical
agents don't work

    Excessive sweating can occur in several areas of the body:

    • Underarms
    • Palms of the hands
    • Soles of the feet
    • Face (usually forehead)

    Your body’s sweating is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. With hyperhidrosis, the sympathetic nerves are unpredictable and completely uncontrollable.

    The result is frequent, chronic, excessive sweating. This problem can significantly negatively impact your lifestyle, professional success, and personal happiness.


    Treatment expectations for hyperhidrosis


    Hyperhidrosis is a legitimate medical condition with damaging physical and emotional effects. Use of BOTOX® for resolution of chronic, excessive sweating is FDA-approved.

    Injections of botulinum toxin (BOTOX® or Dysport™) temporarily block the transmission of chemical signals from the nerves to the sweat glands in the skin. When the nerve signals to the sweat glands are interrupted, the severe sweating stops.

    The treatment itself involves minimal discomfort and consists of:

    • Applying ice for vasoconstriction and numbing
    • Applying topical anesthetic to further increase numbing comfort
    • Targeting select injections into the skin of the treatment area
    • Treatment takes less than 30 minutes
    • No downtime needed for recovery except that you may have some mild bruising and tenderness at the injection points for a few days

    Your treatment may be reimbursed by your health insurance, depending on your provider and coverage. If not, you may be able to receive therapeutic treatment for your condition at a discounted price. Take advantage of discounts direct from the product manufacturers, Allergan and Medicis. Call or contact us for details.

    The International Hyperhidrosis Society is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the life quality of those affected by excessive sweating. This too is a great resource for you.



    In terms of specific relief onset and longevity:

    • Excessive sweating is partially relieved within 1-2 days of injections
    • Full results are evident in 5-7 days
    • Initial results vary, but may last 4-5 months
    • Subsequent treatments may progressively last longer, often 8-12 months
    • Periodic re-treatment is required to renew your excessive sweating relief

    Results from BOTOX® injections for hyperhidrosis clearly show its physical effectiveness in temporarily preventing excessive sweating. The real relief is emotional, from:

    • No longer staining and ruining clothing
    • No longer feeling embarrassed and insecure
    • Renewing confidence and self-esteem
    • Diminishing social isolation
    • Lessening anxiety about this awkward condition

    Visit the real cosmetic patient experiences blog to read the story and see results of one of our female patients. She kindly shared her journey and eventual relief from excessive under arm sweating.

    BOTOX® injections from expert injector Dr. Michael Macdonald have changed her life for the better. Dr. Macdonald also receives these treatments himself—for him, each treatment now lasts approximately 12-14 months. This has dramatically changed his life for the better too.


    End chronic migraine or tension headaches

    What is a migraine headache?

    A migraine is a severe, recurring headache, usually affecting only one side of the head. It is characterized by sharp, throbbing, debilitating pain, and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, light sensitivity and visual disturbances.

    put a stop to debilitating migraines or tension headachesYou don’t have to suffer with the debilitating pain of migraine or tension headaches

    Migraines can be triggered by two possible issues:

    • Vasodilation of cerebral arteries
    • Muscle contractions around the skull (often associated with tension headaches)

    Inflammation and pain are the result. Medical experts don’t clearly understand what causes the vasodilation and swelling characteristic of migraines. 

    It is known that migraines occur much more commonly in women than in men. This may provide clues as to possible causes. Migraine pain is perhaps linked to hormonal changes or surges released by stress, menstruation, puberty or menopause.

    Prescription medications can be helpful for some patients to manage episodes. Still, medications do not prevent the occurrence of episodes, but simply minimize their painful effects.

    If medications are not providing the relief you really need, contact us with the form to the right to schedule your injectable treatment with BOTOX® or Dysport™.


    Expectations for Migraine treatment relief


    Using botulinum toxin for chronic migraine treatment is FDA-approved. Why this neurotoxin works to prevent and treat migraine headaches is not clearly understood. It is theorized to block one of the steps in the neurotransmitter cascade that precipitates the event.

    With tension headaches, it’s clear that relief is effective because Botox® or Dysport™ relaxes the over-constricted muscles that cause the headache pain.

    The treatment itself entails minimal, if any, discomfort and consists of:

    • Applying ice for vasoconstriction and numbing
    • Applying topical anesthetic to further increase numbing
    • Targeting select injection sites to address the over-contracting muscles causing tension headaches or targeting the glabellar area (between the brows) and forehead for treatment of typical migraines
    • Treatment takes less than 15-20 minutes
    • No downtime

    Your health insurance provider may reimburse this therapeutic use of treatment for medical conditions such as migraines and hyperhidrosis.

    The product manufacturers, Allergan and Medicis, also offer therapeutic discount programs for patients that demonstrate financial need.  Our office has the details. Call us!



    In terms of specific migraine relief onset and longevity:

    • Partial relief should be felt within 1-2 days of injections
    • Full relief is evident in 5-7 days
    • Results vary, but may last for 4-6 months
    • Periodic re-treatment is required to maintain relief from recurring episodes

    Visit the real cosmetic patient experiences blog to hear the story of one of our female patients who has suffered from migraines her whole life. She kindly shared postings of her BOTOX® treatment experience. She’s very satisfied with how well her chronic migraines have been controlled.


    Relieve TMJ disorder with injectables

    What is TMJ and how is it caused?

    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder affects the jaw with a tension that can be completely debilitating to nearly 35 million people. At times, you may even hear a constant clicking in your jaw with every painful movement.

    TMJ disorder may make the simple acts of eating and speaking impossible without significant pain. And with such pain intensity, you also cannot sleep. You need relief!

    Surprisingly, this condition affects 75% of all people at some point in their life. It often starts with teeth grinding during sleep, usually triggered by stress. The muscles eventually develop a bad habit of almost constantly involuntarily clenching.

    TMJ disorder is four times more common in women than men. Muscle hypertrophy of the jaw, caused by prolonged over-contraction, occurs. This creates an undesirable aesthetic impact for women, as a wide, squared, masculine-looking jaw develops over time. 


    Treat TMJ Disorder with BOTOX®or Dysport

    Are you frustrated with your search for pain relief?  Have you tried to control your painful symptoms with traditional remedies?

    • Stress-relieving techniques
    • Isometric jaw exercises
    • Acupuncture or therapeutic cranial/neck massage
    • Use of a custom dental mouth guard

    And still, you suffer in pain? Maybe you should try BOTOX® injections with Dr. Michael Macdonald. He is board certified in surgically treating both medical and cosmetic issues of the head, face and neck. He’s been pioneering both cosmetic and therapeutic uses of BOTOX® since 1995.

    BOTOX® is not currently FDA-approved to treat TMJ disorder. However, it has a common off-label use. Patients report that it’s highly effective in relaxing the jaw and releasing joint tension. Dr. Macdonald can attest to this himself as he has benefited from BOTOX® relief of his occasionally severe TMJ episodes.


    Treatment expectations for TMJ relief


    BOTOX® works by temporarily relaxing the over-constricted muscles that cause TMJ disorder.

    botox logo

    The treatment itself entails minimal, if any, discomfort and consists of:

    • Applying ice for vasoconstriction and numbing
    • Applying topical anesthetic to further increase numbing
    • Targeting select injections into the muscles surrounding the jaw joint
    • Treatment takes less than 30 minutes
    • No downtime

    The product manufacturers, Allergan and Medicis, may offer therapeutic discount programs for patients that demonstrate financial need. Please contact our office for details.



    • TMJ pain is partially relieved within a few days of treatment
    • Full results are evident in 5-7 days
    • Results vary, but may last for 4-6 months
    • Repeated treatments may be required every 4-6 months to renew relief
    • For some, a single BOTOX® treatment can effectively interrupt the cycle of aggressive muscle spasm. This may be enough to make the symptoms of your TMJ disorder disappear entirely and permanently.

    It is believed that when BOTOX® temporarily deactivates the jaw muscle, a bonus benefit arises. It seems this process may actually re-train the muscle into a healthier pattern. This is why some patients experience permanent relief of TMJ tension within a couple of treatments.