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    Skin, Health & Beauty Products


    skincare, healing and beauty products

    close-up of MAC.MD aesthetic product lable


    Dr. Macdonald's MAC·MD aesthetics™ skincare line contains high quality pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients with highly concentrated 90% Green Tea Polyphenols to soothe skin and enhance antioxidant benefits. Use MAC·MD aesthetics™ to maintain your skin's health, vitality and beauty.


    Anti-Aging Kit

    Anti-Aging Kit(to be used any time)


    Discounted Full Kit Pricing $285.00
    Purity Gentle Cleanser $25.00
    Renew Eye Cream $85.00
    Calm Skin Soothing Serum
    Hydrate Moisturizer with SPF 50 $50.00
    Renew Retinol Lotion $76.00


    Acne Kit

    Acne Kit(for acne)


    Discounted Full Kit Pricing $83.00
    Clarity Acne Wash $20.00
    Clarity Acne Cleansing Pads $18.00
    Clarity 5% Blemish Spot Treatment $18.00
    Total Protection Sunscreen SPF 30 $36.00


    Post Laser Healing Kit

    (after ablative laser or peels)


    Discounted Full Kit Pricing $75.00
    Total Protection Sunscreen SPF 30 (with 17% zinc oxide) $36.00
    Replenish Moisturizer for Face & Body


    Other MAC·MD aesthetics™ Products

    Other MAC.MD aesthetics products(exfoliation anytime, anywhere)

    Rejuvenate Take Home Peel Pads

    Other skincare products

    (anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-pigment)

    Vitamin C and E with ferulic acid $75.00

    (aggressive treatment of hyperpigmentation)

    HQRA+ (Hydroquinone 7%, Tretinoin .05%, Hydrocortisone .05%) $75.00

    Pure mineral makeup and maximum sun protection. Allow our Aesthetician to color match your skin type to the perfect shade. 


    Post-Surgery healing products

    Post-Surgery healing products(minimizes effects of bruising associated with surgery or injectable treatment)

    Boiron® Arnica $25.00


    (minimizes the appearance of scars)

    Silicone scar gel with SPF $80.00

    Beauty product

    LATISSE(hair growth for eyelashes and eyebrows)


       3ml - 1 month supply


       5ml - 2 months supply







    Nutritional Programs & Products


    More information coming soon about Isagenix Nutritional Programs for:


    • Healthy Aging
    • Weight Loss
    • Peak Athletic Performance

    If you would like immediate information about Isagenix, please call our office at 415-956-3223 and ask for Jodi. She uses the program herself and will be happy to explain it to you and share her personal success with it.