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"The surgery not only helped me with my appearance, but also to learn to take care of my body and mind in better ways."
- San Francisco, CA
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    blepharoplasty surgery

    Dr. Macdonald performed a blepharoplasty (eye lid procedure) for me. It's without doubt the best thing I've ever done for myself. The results are amazing—I look like myself again and now my eyes match how I actually feel (rather than looking tired and stressed).   

    At the same time Dr. Macdonald removed some stubborn fat that was standing between me and my 6-pack abs goal. I could't be happier with the results. Nobody has asked if I've had work done—they just comment on how well I look!  Very glad to give this glowing review!!

        ~Leon, San Francisco CA, 8/28/2012


    SkinTyte™ for skin firming

    Listen to this patient's endorsement of Dr. Mac and his SkinTyteTM laser treatment. She even shares video of her procedure to allay any concerns you may have about what the actual procedure is like, how long it takes, if it hurts, and how you can expect to look immediately following treatment. We think you'll find it helpful.


    patient testimonials

    compassionate care

    Dr. MacDonald is an amazing doctor and a good person. I had a procedure done with him recently a few days before a flight. I thought that I might have had an infection and called him the morning before my flight. He was not in office that day but he made a special arrangement to see me at 9pm the night before my 6am flight. I had an irritation but it was not an infection, so while I do feel bad about making him reserve time for me, I was able to leave for my trip without worry (long term trip, otherwise I would've waited to see him afterwards).

    He also was very thorough and patient in his consultation. All procedures are very expensive but he is one of the best out there. Thank you! Truly appreciated.

        ~C, Chicago IL, 7/4/2012


    patient testimonials

    botox, fillers, liposuction

    I've been seeing Dr. MacDonald for almost 2 years and have undergone the following procedures: Botox, fillers, liposuction to arms and abdomen, upper eyelids, and cervicoplasty. The results of all my procedures have exceeded my expectations.

    Dr. MacDonald has extensive clincal experience and a compassionate bedside manor. He is ethical and has told me on a couple of occasions that I didn't need a particular procedure. He has gone out of his way to accommodate my last minute must haves. He has always been available to answer questions, has never rushed me, and has always checked up on me post procedure. I fully trust him and his staff.

    I've never experienced any post-op discomfort or complications which makes going back for more so easy! The outcomes of all my procedures have always looked very natural. I've received comments from my friends that I look great but no one has ever asked if I had anything done.

    The office staff are friendly, compentent and can work miracles with coordinating between the surgery center and post-op appointments. The office location and surgery center are easy to get to by Bart, bus, car, or walking.

    I'm very fortunate to have found Dr. MacDonald and would never go anywhere else.

        ~Lorraine, San Francisco CA, 6/11/2012


    patient testimonials

    scar repair and botox

    I first met Dr. Macdonald when he kindly stitched up my son's face (a toddler at the time) as a favor to my husband. My husband was worried about scarring so we drove to SF from the East Bay and Michael cut a dinner meeting short to meet us at his office. I was most impressed with the care of his work, having watched a slew of kids get stitches and scream. I was a bit tense. My son barely squeaked.

    Dr. Macdonald started with ice, moved onto a topical numbing agent and then with the tiniest of needles gave him a little shot. He stitched Jake up perfectly and from my son's reaction I'd guess pretty pain-free.

    I had used Botox before and after a miserable experience locally, pain and result-wise I called Dr. Macdonald. Not only have I been thrilled with the results but truly this is as close to painless as you get considering someone is poking you with needles. I'm on my way now to see his new office and get my end of school Botox.

        ~Sydney, Piedmont CA, 5/31/2012


    patient testimonials


    After years of debating whether or not to have liposuction done on my thighs (which have just gotten worse, no matter how much exercise), I finally met with various plastic surgeons to discuss what to do. By far, Dr. Macdonald was the most candid and supportive surgeon I visited. I scheduled the procedure.

    I am one week post op and cannot believe the difference! I've already dropped 2 sizes and am fitting back into my size 4 clothes that I haven't been able to fit for a decade+! Not only that there is no dimpling and my skin is smoother than prior to the procedure, which was a big concern of mine, reflecting his skill and experience in this area. And, he tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg...I will continue to shrink with ongoing exercise.

    Dr. Macdonald is very approachable and open. He is warm and friendly, and makes you feel comfortable an awkward situation. You would be lucky to call him your Doctor.

        ~Melanie, Sacramento CA, 3/28/2012


    patient testimonials

    chin/neck liposuction

    I am a 40 year old male, and went to Dr. Macdonald for chin/neck liposuction. I am fit, but seemingly, medication earlier in life made me gain weight there and no exercise ever helped. With sleep apnea I wanted to fight gravity in that area, even though, Dr. Macdonald did not think that was part of the apnea/snoring problem for me.

    The results were really great in appearance. I shopped around and talked to a doctor in the Kaiser system as well, and medically/technically Dr. Macdonald gave me consistent information. The nursing staff was really nice and helpful and the liposuction procedure was quick and over before I knew it. Mostly, I give him the high rating because I am absolutely sure the work just couldn't have been done better. He puts people in twilight sleep as opposed to other doctors with a local, and that perhaps lets him be a little more aggressive in the procedure.

    It is easy to see that he really went the extra mile to make a complete and dramatic improvement. I was probably a great candidate for this, and it was clear he took his time and went for every little corner of fat he could.

        ~FJ, Berkeley CA, 1/20/2012


    more patient testimonials

    eyelid surgery

    Dr. Macdonald recently completed surgery on my eyes—eliminating extra "baggage". I am so pleased with the results. The whole procedure went exactly as he said it would. I started seeing Dr. Macdonald around 2005 for procedures that enhanced my appearance. What I really appreciate: He listens to what you want, makes recommendations, and helps you select the product / procedures that will be right for you. He stays current on the latest techniques. And you have a more natural youthful appearance.

    Go to him—you'll be glad you did!

        ~ Winnie, Walnut Creek CA, 1/6/2012