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"Dr. Macdonald and his nurse Lauren are very knowledgeable and really care about your comfort… I have been very pleased through every step of the process."
- Oakland, CA
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    Combination Laser Therapy


    Highest satisfaction with combo therapy

    Skin problems associated with aging are typically multi-faceted. An approach which applies multiple techniques tailored to address each of these specific facets, provides the most effective results. There are some logical combinations of laser treatment types that we may recommend to you during your laser consultation.

    The highest-satisfaction laser combination packages are:

    The king of all combos is our recipe for a total skin makeover. We call it the New Skin Package. This combination therapy laser package includes:

    MicroLaserPeel® + ProFractional™ + SkinTyte™ + Phototherapy BBL™


    laser fits in your cosmetic improvement plan

    For more information on skin conditions we treat at San Francisco’s Aesthetic Surgery & Skin Rejuvenation Center, visit our skin FAQs.

    You may be one of many patients who prefer to start with the least invasive approach to correcting skin issues. A free consultation with our medical esthetician and a series of chemical peels are great places to start.

    Beyond chemical peels and injectable treatments, laser offers another non-invasive approach to improving the appearance of your aging face. Specifically tailored laser combo packages are particularly effective and yield the highest patient satisfaction without nearly the cost or downtime of surgery.

    If you are considering cosmetic surgery, ask about augmenting your surgery with laser therapy to boost your overall aesthetic enhancement.